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Accessory Dwelling Units

Are you looking to remodel your existing Accessory dwelling unit or your garage space into a beautiful living area? Zen Homes Construction and Remodeling can now raise the value of your home by adding square footage and livable comfort with an ADU/garage conversion.

ADU/Garage conversions give California homeowners the opportunity to build small second dwellings onto their property, and thanks to California’s new state law, getting permits for these conversions has become easier. In September 2016 Governor Jerry Brown approved Senate Bill No. 1069. The change in legislation overrode existing county and city ordinances, preventing the development of Accessory Dwelling Units. Provided the construction of ADU complies with local building, zoning, and municipal code requirements (FAR). The additional built square footage of a permitted inspected and approved ADU is added to Southern California Assessor Parcel No. (APN).

Types of ADU include, basement conversion, detached ADU Garage, attached ADU above garage, converted Attic, garage conversions. Illegal units can face Fines and penalties of over $1,000, criminal charges brought, and possible Jail time.

What ZenHomes provides:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Structural Engineering Plans
  • Title 24
  • Expedited Permit Pulling

ADU components include Demolition, framing/drywall, insulation, Kitchen, Bathroom, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC, Flooring, Finishes.

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Reasons for room additions:

  • Rent it long-term or AIRBNB for extra monthly income.
  • Have family friends or in-laws stay with you with comfort privacy and convenience.
  • Permitted legalized construction, no more need to hide or worry about inspections.
  • Illegal units can face Fines and penalties of over $1,000, criminal charges brought, and possible jail time.


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